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Selected Writings of Dr. Charles Phillips - 
Former Kaiser Permanente Physician

Directory of Information regarding Dr. David M. Lawrence, former CEO of Kaiser Permanetne that some believe is relevant to solving the puzzle of Kaiser Permanete

David M. Lawrence, M.D., CEO of Kaiser Permanente

Licensure Information Obtained From The Medical Board of The State of Oregon

License Number  MD10916  License Expiration Date  01/01/2000
License Status  LAPSED
Gender  MALE


 State  CALIFORNIA First License Date  10/08/1977
Business Phone  510-271-5990 Reported Specialty  PREVENTIVE MEDICINE
Birthdate  10/05/1940 School  U/KY COL/MED
School Location  LEXINGTON,KY School Graduation Date   05/09/1966


Standing   UNRESTRICTED Limitations  NONE
Basis of Licensure  RECIPROCITY  State of Reciprocity  KENTUCKY

 1. Tax Assessor Information on this property is posted at:
Hint:  His Parcel Number is: 51-4723-1

2. The Watson Laboratories, Inc. at 311 Bonnie Circle, Corona, CA 92880 - where Dr. Lawrence (this is not yet confirmed as Watson and Kaiser both refuse to answer our requests for verification) appears to be on staff as "Vice President, Business Development" - produces the following medications according to the back of the PDR:  acebutolol hydrochloride, acetaminophen and codeine, acyclovir, alprazolam, amiloride, amoxapine, baclofen, butalbital-ASA-caffeine-codeine, captopril, carisoprodol, chlordiazepoxide, chlorzoxazone, clomiphen, clomipramine, clonazepam, clorazepate, cyclobenzaprine - get the idea?  Kaiser's pharmacy budget for its 300 pharmacies is about $1.5 billion per year as I recall.  Time to call for a Stark II investigation.

3.  Also, I received Kaiser's form 990 today:  Dr. Lawrence's salary of $1,075,532 in 1995, and $1,250,000 in 1996, was as of last year $2,186,384; so he is doubling every 5 years which is about a 18% increase per year if my math is right.  This is not bad since Kaiser hit the skids in 1997 with the rest of managed care.

4.  The Kaiser Board is listed: James A Vohs (Chairman Emeritus), David M. Lawrence (Director & Chairman) [two briefcases?], and 14 more "Directors" - L Dale Crandall, David R Andrews, Thomas W. Chapman, Henry M. Kaiser, Chang-Lin Tien, Barbara D. Blum, Dorthy H Mann, PhD, Mph, Mary E Reres, EdD, Robert L Ridgley, William H. Foege, MD, Daniel P Garcia, Dean O Morton, Edward E. Penhoet, and Barry L. Williams.  [Vohs, Blum and Willams get no money for this - I wonder why; I suppose its is a good view over the lake.]  [Note - Henry Mead Kaiser is the grandon of Henry J, the former married in Wisconsin in 1967; so much for the Kaiser Family Foundation being independent.]

5. "Officers and Key Employees" - David M. Lawrence, MD (Chief Executive Officer) [title number three]; L. Dale Crandall (President) [note - also on the board]; William A. Gillespie, MD (Executive Vice President); Richard R. Petrtingill (Executive Vice President), and all of these "senior vice presidents" - Lynn E. Abraham, Robert M. Crane, Joseph W. Hummel, Kendall D. Hunter, Leslie A. Marolin, Kirk E. Miller, Timothy E. Sullivan, Bernard J. Tyson, Hermann W. Weil, and Steven R. Ztakin. Finally, there is Bruce Behnke who only gets paid $380,595 a year.

6.  "The amounts reported .. do not include ... travel, transportation, lodging, meals, business meetings, conferences, and other routine expenditures.

7.  Kaiser is associated with "Caretouch, Inc. (LLC)," "Kaivest I, LLC" and others.  [As I recall, Dr. Lawrence is part of Caretouch.]

Anyone can get a free copy of all this by requesting "Form 990 - Tax Year 2000" from Mr. Donald A. Ruhl, CPA, National Tax Director, Kaiser Permanente, One Kiaser Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612 - a very pleasant man.

                                               Chuck Phillips, MD

Mckesson's Board of Directors Declares Quarterly Dividend, Elects Dr. David Lawrence as New Director and Adds New Provision to Executive Severance Policy

Medicaid Focused Health Plans - A Community Conspiracy

David Lawrence, the physician-CEO of Kaiser Permanente, once remarked in the late 1990s on how ironic it was that 25 years earlier health maintenance organizations (HMO) had been portrayed as a “communist conspiracy” and now they had become a “capitalist conspiracy.”

Purchase of Raffles (A Kaiser Investment) Stock - August 2002
Information regarding David M. Lawrence and Kaiser Permanente investment in Raffles Medical Group in Singapore.

Biography of David McKinnon Lawrence

Aglient Technologies, Ind. Board Members - David McKinnon Lawrence is the Director of Agilent
In fact David McKinnon Lawrence is on numerous Corporate Boards throughout the world.  See below:

Agilent Technologies from the SEC

Bay Area Economic Forum

Fudan University in Shanghai, People's Republic of China involving Hewlett Packard

Director with Hewlett Packard

Board Compensation - Hewlett Packard

USC Commission of the future of medical education


Rand Health Board of Advisors

University of Kentucky


At the National Press Club/Attempting to deflect the focus on patient abuse to that of patient error

July 22, 1999

The health care industry has serious safety problems and must take steps to improve the system modeled after the airline industry's accident reduction programs from 1950 to 1990, David Lawrence, M.D., Chairman and CEO, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., warned in a July 14 NPC luncheon. During this period commercial aviation fatalities went from 1.18 to 0.27 instances per one million departures--an 80 percent reduction. Describing today's medicine as a "fragmented cottage industry designed for another time and another science," Dr. Lawrence appealed for media help in bringing the issue of patient safety to the forefront of the national dialog on health care. "I hope you will move beyond the temptations of horror stories to help consumers better understand problems of patient safety, why they happen and how improvements occur. I hope you will report our progress and encourage the leaders who are doing the right things."

David Lawrence Bio June 29, 1999 -

Luncheon and Keynote Address:
"Advice to Healthcare and Biomedical Innovators: Why to Stay the Course"

Tuesday - June 29, 1999
12:45pm - 2:30pm

David M. Lawrence, MD, was named Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals in 1991 and Chairman of the Board in 1992. The Oakland-based Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals is co-partner with 12 Permanente Medical Groups in the enterprise known as Kaiser Permanente.

Prior to assuming his current role, Dr. Lawrence served KFHP/KFH as vice chairman and chief operating officer (1990-91); senior vice president and regional manager for Northern California (1988-89); vice president and regional manager in Colorado (1985-88). He also was vice president and area medical director for Northwest Perrnanente m Portland (1981-85). Dr. Lawrence also served as health officer and director of Human Services in Multnomah County, Oregon; on the faculty of Department of Health Services and Director of MEDEX m the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington; as advisor to the Ministry of Health of Chile; and as Peace Corps Physician in the Dominican Republic and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Lawrence is a graduate of Amherst College (BA), the University of Kentucky (MD), and the University of Washington (MPH). He is Board Certified in General Preventive Medicine Johns Hopkins and University of Washington). He is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha (Medical Honorary Society) and the Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences). He currently serves on the Boards of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Hewlett Packard, the Bay Area Council, Raffles Medical Group of Singapore, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Hospital Research and Educational Trust (AHA).

Dr. Lawrence has been recognized as the Outstanding Alumnus of the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington (1980); and The Outstanding Alumnus of the College of Medicine, University of Kentucky (1995). He was inducted into the Hall of Distinguished Alumni of the University of Kentucky (1995); and has received honorary degrees from Amherst College (Doctor of Science, 1994), and Colgate University (Doctor of Letters, 1995).

Now 50 years old, Kaiser Perrnanente is the largest fully integrated private health care system in the United States, providing care to 8.6 million members in 16 states and Washington, D.C., and representing the leading national model for integrated health care financing and care delivery. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Hospitals is the largest not-for-profit health care organization in the United States.

Inside Trades

LAWRENCE DAVID M: Declared Holdings
Company/Relationship Reported Shares   Ownership
Insider & restricted shareholder transactions reported over the last two years
Date Shares Stock Transaction
1-Mar-07 1,996 A Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $31.44 per share.
(Value of $62,754)
12-Feb-07 *271 A Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.
5-Feb-07 *2,462 A Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.
4-Dec-06 579 A Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $32.38 per share.
(Value of $18,748)
1-Nov-06 578 A Purchase at $33.90 per share.
(Cost of $19,594)
5-Sep-06 600 A Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $31.26 per share.
(Value of $18,756)
2-Jun-06 532 A Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $35.25 per share.
(Value of $18,753)
2-Mar-06 2,367 A Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $35.09 - $36.4 per share.
(Value of about $85,000)
15-Feb-06 1,103 A Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.
15-Feb-06 *1,103 A Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.
15-Feb-06 1,103 A Option Exercise at $0.29 per share.
(Cost of $319)
    * Indicates that some (or all) shares are held indirectly (e.g. in a trust, by a spouse, etc.)



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