Pete Stark – Letter to

It is very important that everyone read all of this letter including the very revealing footnotes.  Please send a copy of this letter to Congressman Pete Stark to make sure that he sees it.  The web form to fill out and send him a letter for people all over this country is at the House […]

The Real Truth About What Kaiser and The Permanente Is!

Kaiser is the only HMO in the country that feels that its “Best Practices” of “Evidenced Based Medicine” are so riddled with care rationing that they need to be password protected even from other physicians outside the organization;

Background of the Kaiser Tahoe Accord

The Kaiser Tahoe Accord Link to actual images of the original Tahoe Accord Document at: Link to Kaiser’s write up on the Tahoe Agreement and the how and why it happened in the words of their own doctors. The Tahoe Accord is the key to the profit linkage between the Plan/Hospitals (same board) […]

Decisions of the Working Council

The following is a copy of the original Kaiser Decisions of the Working Council.  It is an old document that was faxed to me from a Kaiser insider.  Part of it is difficult to read but it is not difficult to understand what it is all about.