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Selected Writings of Dr. Charles Phillips –  Former Kaiser Permanente Physician Directory of Information regarding Dr. David M. Lawrence, former CEO of Kaiser Permanetne that some believe is relevant to solving the puzzle of Kaiser Permanete David M. Lawrence, M.D., CEO of Kaiser PermanenteLicensure Information Obtained From The Medical Board of The State of Oregon […]

The Misuse of Evidence-Based Medicine

November 14, 2007 “Evidence Based Medicine” was the original dream of an accountant in England named Archie Cochrane.  He decided that if all of the medical articles in the world could be synthesized into pure knowledge – and weighted toward levels of certainty – then out would come a central logic of what to do in most […]

How Can Kaiser Permanente represent itself as non-profit?

“How can Kaiser Permanente represent itself to be non-profit when, in fact, it made $1.8 billion in profit in 2004 and will pass $2 billion in profit in 2005?  Only the PLAN is non-profit since it passes this huge profit on 50% to the physicians for golden retirements and 50% on to the hospitals.  The […]

Use of Morphine

Morphine suppresses the patient’s drive to breath and creates the appearance of inadequate breathing. It also sedates the patient and creates noisy breathing as the tongue relaxes back in the throat. To use morphine for the thus medically created shortness of breath is LETHAL.

Dr. Charles Phillips commentary on Senior Advantage

Just now I called the phone number on the Kaiser ad that dropped out of yesterday’s newspaper (December 6, 2005) where it has snuggled with the other ads.  The two sided ad is called “Call the Experts at Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage for Answers.”  “With our more than 60 years experience listening to and caring […]


“The point of LTR 9810005 was for the doctors to have the promises funded, have the funds beyond the reach of creditors, have the setting aside of the funds to go untaxed, and have the investment go untaxed. In short, the doctors sought to obtain the benefits of a qualified retirement plan without the accompanying restrictions.” (Page 1462 of Tax Notes March 23, 1998 by tax expert and author – Lee A Sheppard.”
…The doctors get a printout of their stake in this fund at regular intervals. The IRS allowed the exception but only on the marginal theory that the public good might outweigh the private benefit.

A letter to George and Laura Bush

Please read all of this letter from Dr. Charles Phillips and if you have a chance see if you can make sure that all elected officials, no matter what their party receives a copy.

Response to MSNBC infomercial – Kaiser Bucks the HMO Trend

To the Public: Holiday time is a favorite time for Kaiser or its network of co-enablers to release infomercials that get gobbled up by reporters who don’t want to pick up the phone to check details or otherwise delay their holiday focus, e.g., Christmas shopping.   Now we have our pre-Christmas consumption that Kaiser is a heart Mecca […]

The Real Truth About What Kaiser and The Permanente Is!

Kaiser is the only HMO in the country that feels that its “Best Practices” of “Evidenced Based Medicine” are so riddled with care rationing that they need to be password protected even from other physicians outside the organization;

Kaiser provides false bond information

Dear Mr. Wells (NYC Analyst for Fitch Ratings), Thank you for being willing to read this Email for the purpose of informing bond customers of potential risks with Kaiser Bonds.   [I am assuming that the Bonds take the form of Kaiser Hospital Bonds but would appreciate getting a faxed copy of a sample at 559-322-5307.]    […]